Our Role In Balance

We all play a Role within Balance
Balance Begins Within. And it is The Balance you Find Within That Expands Throughout The Cosmos. The Challenge Is To Find & Follow This Balance.
It is within our moments of ‘Unbalance’ that we are quick to move, react, judge; however a little more/less Energy and Balance can again be attained – True.
Life/Goodness Grants us chances to be Wrong, as our only Real Chance at being Truly Strong – Growth.
It is all too easy to simply go with the flow: Imagine The Amount of (conscious, meta/physical) Energy Required To Create A Moment Within Creation – Unfathomable, still approachable. And so it is (the same) to some required to muster Energy from Within (the same amount, minimum) to Erase/Change/Nullify bad Moment(s)/Choice(s).
Clearly there are moments we can Balance for ourselves while here – Thank Goodness. However there are clearly greater (disastrous) moments Only God, The Source Of All Creation Can Balance.
Irrefutably, The Role Of Balance Exists From Within (you), Throughout The Meta/Physical Within The Cosmos, To The Source Of Creation, God (Good, Goodness) Throughout, Within, And Outside Of All.
Ask yourself why It Has To Be Goodness Is Outside Of All?
Then ask yourself what Role do you play?
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