Manifesting Light From Darkness

The Original Message is Love. Consider this: We were Given A Pristine World with Absolute Abundance. We are Designed as such that everything in our Lives is pleasurable – truly: From Birth, to injury, to death, endorphins are released to … Read More

Our Role In Balance

We all play a Role within Balance Balance Begins Within. And it is The Balance you Find Within That Expands Throughout The Cosmos. The Challenge Is To Find & Follow This Balance. It is within our moments of ‘Unbalance’ that … Read More

Life After Life – The Butterfly Study

The Painted Lady group of butterflies comprises the subgenus Cynthia of the genus Vanessa in the Family Nymphalidae. CONSCIOUSNESS AFTER DEATH? The Butterfly Study begins to answer the question of Life after death through observing the continuation of cognizant energy’ … Read More