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Do Thoughts Originate In Our Heads? Or, Do Thoughts Pass Through Our Minds, That Which We Allow, Like Energy Flowing Into/Through A Conduit?s

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Facts / Truths

Recognize your 100% composition is made of atoms. This means only 4% of/in you is of this physical world contributing to this sugar cube. 96% of you if of the Ethereal From Which All Originates. You have a Larger Connection To The Spiritual World/Ethereal than you do the physical.

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Strip away all else (material) and recognise the only currency of Real Value within This Existence are Feelings, and the subsequent Energies absorbed within the experience(s).
Yes, those Feelings/Energies do define us seeing we do not experience them and then hand them over to others - much less we being capable of letting them go entirely. When you die, nothing else goes with you.
Identify the Feelings you allow within yourself, and more importantly those you create around/for others.
As sure as we are made to see the rise and setting of the sun or the ebb and flow of the tide, they will come back to us, and even stronger.

So What Now ... ?

Hope to see and share with you, soon.