Manifesting Light From Darkness

The Original Message is Love. Consider this: We were Given A Pristine World with Absolute Abundance. We are Designed as such that everything in our Lives is pleasurable – truly: From Birth, to injury, to death, endorphins are released to ease pain; and from palate to procreation, we have the greatest refinement and concentration of nerve endings to further our joy in Life. This Is Love.

Still, It is clear, we are Gifted with Such A Gift, Freely, Unconditionally, and with the obvious capability within our Design to help each other advance in Consciousness and Life, again, the Greatest Gift Each of Us Will Ever Receive; yet we have the audacity to charge, and even kill one another, for the comparative bobbles we create in our infinitesimal grandeur. How?

When we see Nature Always Unfolding Toward Unity, we easily see our actions (to date) to be the antithesis to Universal Harmony/Creation: From the worst in taking/killing Life, to the perceived smallest in telling a simple lie – both these actions flow against the First Law of Creation/Life: Order.

Even a small lie (insincerity) is like a blemish on the Fabric Of Nature/Order, destroying all that it is interwoven – Primarily Feelings – which we need to recognize as The Reason we are here. We take nothing else with us when our physical perishes, other than the memories of those experiences tied to our Feelings. Recognize even a minute lie destroys all opportunity for Real Order/Light/Truth in that moment.

All of Existence is based/built on Truths: From the Big Bang and Its Residual Energy Surrounding Us, to the production of stars, electricity, and/or the rising and setting of the sun; these are observable Truths for us to extrapolate and witness within the Fundamental/Primary Truth, That Being The First Law of Nature/Creation – Out of Chaos, Comes Order.
Recognize there is Chaos within Nature, and chaos created by those around us – from personal, to local, to global; and from the very beginning of time, to your point in Existence now … Life’s Purpose Is The Transmutation of Darkness (Chaos) to Light (Order) – And This Light’s Power, In Its Simplest Manifestation, Is Visible In Any Smile.
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